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How You See The World  |  How The World Sees You

Eye Wear for You to See the World Correctly

Eye Wear for the World to See You as You Want to be Seen

When your vision requires correction, its important to have choices and options to help you see the world clearly. A wide variety of eye glasses and contact lenses from a trusted source is extremely important.

At Shawnee Optical, you'll find over 35 years of experience helping patients find the right eye wear to fit their needs and their lifestyle.

Today's high tech world places ever growing demands on our eyes. Proper eye care and clear vision is extremely important to your overall health. Learn more here: Special Vision Needs 
When you need corrective eye wear such as eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, you want to have a large selection of designs, fashions and conveniences.

At Shawnee Optical, you'll find the latest styles, features and fashions in frames and lenses for adults, teenagers and children of all ages. You will also find highly experienced optical professionals who will help you look your best so the world sees you as you want to be seen.

Browse through a sample of the hundreds of designer frames and the latest eyewear fashions:
It's important to select the right lenses for your frames. Lenses that eliminate glare, resist scratches and reduce fingerprints and dust.   
Contact lenses are versatile and may be a perfect match for your life and your image. Shawnee Optical offers many contact lens options and choices
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