How You See the World
How the World Sees You

More Than 35 Years of Helping People See the World Better

Shawnee Optical has a long and extensive history of proven commitment, dedication and service to patients. The trust we have earned and the reliability we have consistently shown over those 35 plus years is what our patients expect. Moreover, it's what they always get!

Our Life-Long Relationships Promote Better Eye Health

Our Life-Long Relationships Save Time and Money

Our more than 35 years of history and extensive experience providing quality eye care throughout a patient's life shows us that having a consistent eye care professional conducting regular examinations over the years promotes better eye health!

Your optometrist and eyecare professionals at Shawnee Optical get to know you and take a genuine interest in you. That relationship becomes an invaluable asset to your eye health. Our familiarity with you allows us to identify emerging eye health issues and take corrective actions. When families seek our eyecare, we become aware of and can monitor eye health issues that may develop genetically over many generations.

Our relationship is vital to you and your family's optimum eye health. Schedule an Appointment at the Shawnee Optical location nearest you in Erie, Pennsylvania; Dayton, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio; Lima, Ohio; Mansfield, Ohio; or Springfield, Ohio.

Start building an important relationship that will serve your eye health well for many years to come. Your vision and eye health are priceless. Put your care in the hands of someone you can trust. Contact us now.    
Our life-long relationships with patients not only promote better eye health, they also save our patients time and money!

We always give our patients the best service, the best advice and the best price at all times. We don't run huge sales. We would rather give our patients the best value at all times. That's what we have done each and every day for more than 30 years. And it's what we will do for the next 35 years. You'll have the peace of mind knowing you are consistently getting our best.  

Shawnee Optical is focused on delivering our patients with the highest level of service and accuracy. We are committed to getting it right the first time and our focus is on quality not quantity.

The life-long relationships we build with patients takes away guessing and frustration. We know our patients, their history, their prescriptions and when those prescriptions expire. No matter where our patients go in the world, one telephone call or one message from our website will get them what they need.

35+ years have shown that a relationship with Shawnee Optical saves time and money.   
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