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KidSpecs - Eye Care and Eye Wear Just for Kids!

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Shawnee Optical Kidspecs
KidSpec Eyewear for Kids
KidSpecs eyeglasses for kids
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Kids are a big part of Shawnee Optical. That's why we developed a special program just for kids called KidSpecs.

KidSpecs is focused on making a visit to the eye doctor fun and enjoyable. We have activities for kids. Our friendly staff will answer questions your child may have. We know how unusual it is for kids to have questions, LOL!

Most of all, our KidSpecs program will provide your child with quality eye care.

If eyeglasses are needed, we have a large selection of eyeglass frames to choose from that satisfy both your child's tastes and your budget.   
Shawnee Optical's KidSpecs
We know kids can be rough on eyeglasses. Adults can be too! With KidSpecs, you and your child will receive a 1-year warranty on every KidSpecs frame that we offer.

Simply bring in the damaged frame and we will repair it or replace it for FREE during the 1-year warranty period.

Treat your child to an eye care experience like no other. Take advantage of our KidSpecs program and all the benefits and options it offers you and your kids. Contact us or Schedule an Appointment at the Shawnee Optical location nearest you.

Huge Selection of Eyeglass Frames Just for Kids!
KidSpecs Warranty
Kidspec Eyewear just for kids