Eye Care

Eye Care For Everyone!

Eye health and good vision are essential at every stage in your life. Developing a strong relationship with our patients and serving their eye care and eye wear needs throughout their lives is what Shawnee Optical is all about. 

We make visits to the eye doctor fun for kids, teens, adults and seniors alike. We also make your visit easy by providing the best possible service and guidance. We take the time to get to know our patients and match their eye care and eye wear needs with their lifestyles.  
KidSpecs Shawnee Optical
Kids Look Forward to Visiting!  

Would your kids like coming to an eye doctor's office filled with fun stuff for kids to do? At Shawnee Optical, we have a special program just for kids called KidSpecs.

Our Kidspecs program not only offers kids with fun activities while at Shawnee Optical, it also kids with a huge selection of frames and contact lenses to fit any budget. We also stand behind our eye glasses with a two year warranty. If your child's frames become damaged, we will repair or replace it FREE for up to 2 years!

It's very important to teach kids the importance of regular eye exams. When the experience is fun, they develop an awareness and appreciation for their eye health and vision that will serve them well throughout their life. Learn more about KidSpecs. 
Teens Have All Kinds of Choices for Fashion and Function

Options and choices are extremely important for teens. At Shawnee Optical, we understand the teenage years bring with them a new focus on fashion to fit your personality. We also know how busy your life becomes with school, sports and other extra-curriclar activities.

Shawnee Optical will provide you with a wide variety of choices and the latest fashions in frames to look your best. We will also help match the right eye wear choice with your life whether its contact lenses, eye glasses or sun glasses.  
Convenience, Quality and Assurance for Adults

Your job, career, education, husband, wife, kids, family and friends all keep you very busy. You can't afford wasting time at the eye doctor. At Shawnee Optical, we understand how valuable your time is. We are committed to making your eye care and eye wear needs convenient. 

We will provide you with superior service, quality eye care and a wide selection of fashionable frames and contact lenses. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best value for your money with a reputable company who has earned a respected reputation for quality and service for over 30 years.  
Reliable, Trusted and Familiar Friend for Seniors

As we age, the risk of eye disease and vision problems increases dramatically. It's extremely important to place your eye care and eye wear needs in the hands of professionals you can trust. 

At Shawnee Optical, our speciality is forming long term relationships with our patients, getting to know them, their family and their eye health history. You can rely on us to provide you with the best eye care possible and the professional guidance from a team of doctors and staff who are dedicated to you and every aspect of your vision needs.   
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